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Pump and ADS on Same Day

Pump and ADS on Same Day

I started pumping a few weeks ago and have seen great improvements in EQ, Morning Wood, and Girth Expansion.
All positive PI’s. I wanted to start adding in an ADS into my routine. Should I add ADS on the same day as pumping?
I am currently on a 1 day on 1 day off pumping routine.
Would it be better to ADS on my off days or on the same day as pumping or ADS everyday?

My current pumping routine is:

5 Minute Warm Washcloth Warmup
100 Jelqs
Pump for 10 Minutes @ 4hg
100 Jelqs
Pump for 10 Minutes @ 4hg
100 Jelqs
5 Minute Warm Washcloth Warmdown

Anyone that has experience your input would be greatly appreciated.

Well they say that you shouldnt work with lenght and girth at the same time. I suppose pump is for girth and you should have the lenght you want already when working on girth.

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Are you pumping in the AM or PM?

I find too much residual blood left after pumping to comfortably ADS or hang— about all I can do post pumping is some clamping, capitalizing on the extra-engorgement.

I say stretch in the early AM, ADS during the day and then pump at night so that you sleep with a nice fluffy one. If you tuck into a pillow fowfer you can wake up with some seriously fluffed junk.

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