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Pulling down when erect

Pulling down when erect

Just a general question I guess. I looked for an answer via search but really found nothing in the first few pages. When I wake up with a good case of morning wood, my erection is usually the hardest of anytime. I have a decent erection angle, when I’m standing with a real hard erection, it’s at 10:30-11:00. Now, when I pull my erection down to 6:00 I feel an massive stretch in the ligs. I can usually sustain the stretch for a good minute or two before my erection subsides to the point where there is no stretch left.
A) does anyone else experience this?
B) is there any potential benefit to doing this?

And on a further unrelated note, one bit of confusion I’m still having.. I want to have a recovery period when doing girth, but when stretching the ligs I don’t want them to recover fully? Is this correct?



I do a similar with my morning wood. I was thinking about this the recently as well, as to whether it has benefits? Anyway when i have my morning wood, I am usually lying on my side with my member sticking out in-front of me, I then turn my body flat onto my bed with the wood still sticking out to the side, and I also feel a good stretch which subside after around a minute. Don’t know if it has had any positive effects, but my starting EL was 6.5” approximately.

Seems like you might have short ligs, And you will probably gain EL if you stretch them.

You should try stretching straight down (when flaccid).

Morning wood stretch? Are the Big Bang and Final Flash not working for you anymore? :D Got BT yet?


Well you know, I have been attempting to increase my physical attacks more instead of relying heavily on energy type attacks, thus my interest in having a bigger weapon. ;)

I am thinking that gaining length will be relatively easy for me as my LOT is around 9:30 - 10:00. I do stretching every other day, but usually do a little bit here and there throughout the day, no dedicated time, I live with parents, and my girlfriend comes over a lot. I am thinking about trying a month or so of daily stretching, I never really go very intense, so I think risk of injury or over-doing it would be minimal.

The thing with the morning wood is that the stretch I feel is by far the most intense I have been able to achieve, even though the duration is not very long.


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