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pull strength

pull strength

I have no access to a fish scale, so I figured I’d ask you guys. What’s the max force, in pounds, the average male can pull? Such as when you’re stretching, and if you absolutely pulled as hard as you could, how hard would that be? I’m trying to figure out how hard I can pull, compared to how much weight some guys hang.

That’s a very difficult question to answer, back before I got into bodybuilding and was 115lbs I am willing to bet I could not do more than 30lbs max force with my hands.

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Just go to the GYM and see how much can you pull with one hand.

I would suggest you don’t even consider using a maximum pull with your hands. Your penis was not designed for pulling Just do enough to give a fair amount of “feel” rather than try to break records. - or penises.

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Hi, I had the same dilemma. How much can I stretch manually compared to what I would feel comfortable hanging with. The way I solved it was to place a bathroom scales against a wall, groin height and push as hard as you can similar to stretching. The figure I got was about 10kg of force. I hope this helps in your answering your question, best of luck.

I can pull 80+ lbs downward with a grip similar to stretch; I’m stronger than average, but I’m not Hulk, however, so I bet most of guys can pull with at least 30 lbs.

But you really don’t need an high force when stretching : listen to pf.

Give a read to this also:
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Thanks for the replies. I am not pulling with all my force, I never said I was. It’s a question of curiosity.

Curiosity it may have been But we don’t know that. And if somene asks a question about something, then there is a fair chance they will try it.

Apart from that. Others will read your post; and without seeing a warning might just want to experiment.

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Seriously people, Don’t be that guy who ripps off his wang trying to see how much he can pull. OH HEY, that happens. I would say pull until it pops, MAX. Perfect amount of weight. Don’t try hanging from the ceiling fan with your dingaling, that won’t work. Don’t go out and buy a pump. Don’t go out and fuck your dog because your mad you can’t figure it out, I mean come one people FEEL IT. Grab it, play around get involved and become one with your self. Mind and Body connection. If you keep telling yourself your a jerk off, that’s all you’ll ever be. That’s all your kids will ever be, and that’s all you will attract. Dumb Jerk off bimbo broads. I’m just saying man, if you are in pain, stop pulling. If you hear a *clunk* that’s just your nuts dropping. And for fucks sake, if you want to know whats going on in there, Google it! Don’t cut your dick of, bro! I’m just giving you some friendly advise, do whatever he fuck you wanna do.

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