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Pull Skin On Shaft While Stretching?

Pull Skin On Shaft While Stretching?


I’m new to manual stretching and was just wondering whether or not you are supposed to pull some shaft skin slightly over the gland while stretching, or if you are supposed to leave the skin completely untouched and only pull from just behind the gland. The reason I’m asking this is because I’m finding it hard to maintain a grip just behind the glands without my fingers sliding over it (and thus losing my grip completely) and so I have to pull from a little further back which causes me to pull some skin along with it as I stretch.

Is this ineffective or normal?

Thanks in advance,


As long as the grip is behind the glans the stretch will work. I am not circumcised so I always do a half-jelq to make sure there’s some blood in the glans, that gives me much better grip. The foreskin stays over the head in that way, I start my stretch with an OK-grip or an underhand grip about 0.5 inch behind the glans, and then I stretch and ‘meet’ the glans with my hand. I’m pretty sure that would work for circumcised men too.

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You can also use a towel or wash cloth to aid with the grip. I pull a little skin with the stretch.

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