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Pubic Hair

I find the best method for me is to use a razor on my abs and chest. At the waist and below I use a hair trimmer, this leaves a few millimeters of hair and eliminates the unsightly irritation of shaving completely down there.

Secret, trim everything around to bout 1cm long. Shave it into a square shape. Pluck shaft and sack.

Your woman will love it.

But you’ll probably have to stick to the age old missionary.. Most of it because your woman won’t allow you to change to any other position.

1cm as it stimulates the female’s clit when in misisonary. Square, cos it’s the most manly shape, star is ok too, but square gives most stimulation and coverage (it’s easier to make too). I don’t think any guy would go for a feminine heart, triangle or slit.


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