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Pubic Hair Removal

Pubic Hair Removal

Part of PE is appearance because looks can be everything and a penis that looks big will feel big. I have tried numerous times to get my penis and balls completely hairless and still haven’t found the optimal way to deal with the hair down there…

The methods tried are:

1)Nair body hair remover for men
-Simple application
-Smells something awful
-Takes forever
-Leaves good amount of stubble
Final Verdict
It is good if there is enough hair to choke a New York sewer rat, but pretty much useless for semi-daily removal.

2)Norelco 3 blade electric razor
-Quick on the non-genital portions
-Leaves pretty close shave on above mentioned parts
-Don’t use on genitals unless you want a bloody mess
-Becomes dangerous if it gets too close to “fleshy” parts
Final Verdict
Good for grunt work if done carefully.

3)Gillette Fusion (upgraded from Mach 3)
-Quicker than Nair, not as fast as Norelco
-Less stubble than Nair, more than Norelco
-Shaving up (against the grain) will have you feeling down (hurt like a bitch and bleed)
-Shaving down doesn’t provide the desired smoothness, there is still tactile stubble
Final Verdict
Has the most potential and hopefully can be improved.

Right now I am using the electric razor to get the area above the penis smooth. The penis and balls are done with the Fusion ONLY with the grain stroke. My ideal situation is having the closeness of shaving up with out the danger/irritation involved. Can anybody give me some pointers?

I haven’t tried this but people rave yada, yada, yada.

Ultimate Pubic Hair Grooming Routine

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I’ve been shaving since puberty so maybe I can give you a couple of pointers.

Fat pad: When shaving with a razor, first shave downwards with the grain till you can’t shave no more. For a closer & smoother finish, with your fingertips, grip your fat pad & pull the skin upwards & simply shave side-ways instead of against the grain. I learnt this from some old fashion barber shops that give you one of those cut-throat razor shaves!

Ballsac: Lift the cock up & with 2 fingers, spread your sac like girls do when they open up their pussy lips. Again, shave with the grain till you can’t shave no more & then once again shave from the side while at all times, spreading your ballsac apart for closer & smoother finish.

*Tip: Do not use soap when shaving, as the skin around the genital area is alot thinner, this will cause stinging & produce a red rash! The best thing to use is ‘Johnson’s Baby Oil’

Hope this helps Gladiator!:)

- Lee Beast

I’m pretty sure Vincent Van Cock had a thread on keeping pubic hair in check, from memory the preferred method was tweezing.

I have been lazy lately and not done mine, however I have tweezed and it’s great. Sounds painful but you get over it and it’s smooth as. I only do it on my balls and shaft, I don’t think it would be practical for the pubic region.

Maybe you could try waxing?

Originally Posted by memento
I haven’t tried this but people rave yada, yada, yada.

Ultimate Pubic Hair Grooming Routine

I’ve used that Seiko Cleancut shaver for a couple years now. It works pretty well, but takes some time. The problem is that, as with any shaving system, you can start to feel stubble within a few hours. So you have to plan ahead.

Try waxing or tweezing. If you tweeze make sure you tighten the skin, otherwise it doesn’t work as well and hurts more.

This may sound out of the ordinary but after a shower try plucking. I pluck and also shave using a razor. My pubic hair region has decreased dramatically over the years

Many years ago I tried tweezing/plucking just to see what difference it would make. I encountered only one problem which told me to stay with the shaving, that problem was ingrowing hairs.

These spots would pop up - & they were painful too - which resembled very bad acne only around my gential area. After having sorted that out, I went straight back to shaving & haven’t looked back since. Now, I just shave every other day or let my girlfriend shave me & I shave her!;)

The other alternative (which my girlfriend & I are seriously considering having done) is lazer surgery. We’ve read many articles about the procedure, & how a growing number of people are having this procedure done so that they can be totally hair free after 2-3 sessions! My girlfriend & I have discussed this in the past & have agreed that when we come to it, we’re both going to have it done the same time.

- Lee Beast

Is there a video? Such as how to grip and pull?

I tweeze my cock and ballsac, very very smooth.

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Does neone else have hair on the base of their dick? I have it a little and girls haven’t said shit but I think it looks a little awkward if you get close. How do you take care of that shit?

Originally Posted by platinumninja
Does neone else have hair on the base of their dick? I have it a little and girls haven’t said shit but I think it looks a little awkward if you get close. How do you take care of that shit?

Yes, plenty of people have that, including me. I use the popular Seiko Cleancut + Shavy Femini, mentioned above and in numerous other threads here, and it works well for shaving this spot (and in general).

I seem to get little hard white bumps almost like ingrown hairs when shaving down there? There not that noticeable but still unwanted. Any advice?

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Douse your cock in alcohol. That should prevent follicle infections and help peel off the skin a bit.

Okay, edit that. Apply alcohol to your penis, do not douse it in alcohol :) That stuff might sting were it to get up the urethra…

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