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Puberty and penis size question


My penis stopped growing at 5.5 x 5.6. Now its what it is now. Just start Pe’ing. You can easily jump to 6 x 5 in two years.

2005: 5.5 EL & 5.6 EG, FL: 4in > Now: 7.5 NBP & 6.1 MEG, 5.8 BG (Goal: MORE !)

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Best advice, get all the background info, get into the regime, personally I’m making lifestyle changes to aid my gains etc, I work out more, eat healthier and now have a more positive view on my penis. Don’t let insecurities hold you back, I’m happy that I’m 18, 19 next month, I have a hell of alot of time to get it right, it’s just realising what you want.

Good luck :)

25 and don’t even think I’ve reached puberty yet but had a 7incher since I was at least 18, never measured before then. I always thought it was tiny and scared I’d be laughed at, wasn’t til internet came along I heard I was ok but still lots of work to be done.

Originally Posted by theleviathan
No you don’t.
You’d only be braver, but you wouldn’t be more appealing to women than you are now.
You need a big dick to be confident.

This should cheer you up, for now: than you can MAKE it bigger. In time, you can reach the goal you want.
I hope this can give you heart enough to ‘hook up with hot girls’, even if it’s gonna require some time.
Don’t waste the meantime! :)

Theleviathan said it all. Succinct but insightful.

Don’t let the little bugger drag you down. Put knowledge from Thunder’s Place to good use. Keep us up to date with your PE exploits. Confidence can be your best friend.

Another point. Keep or get into good physical shape.

I definitely relate to many opinions and stories in this great forum. I felt the same way (and kind of feel the same way now) that my dick was very small.

I remember that I was actually considering suicide and I’m also 19 (about to turn 20) and I’m still a virgin not even a hand job yet. The best advise that I can give you is that you would be able to make your penis grow, it will take some time but you will get there.

I went from about 5.9 bpel to about 6.7 that I’m now, but you know what it really has not made a great difference. I’m still obsessed in getting a very big penis therefore have yet postponed any sexual encounter.

I thought I would be the happiest man on Earth when I reached 6 in nbp and Im now 6.45 yet don’t feel quite great.

So you must realize that the first change you need to see needs to come from the brain not from your penis.

Anyways just try to read and inform yourself so you can reach your goals, remember that it takes time and everyone is different so don’t rush into things ok?

So good luck and feel free to ask any questions because we are here to help each other. And by the record I think I wont have sex until I’m over 6.8 nbp and 5.3 in base girth, but that is just me.

Was (july 07): 5.25 nbp (5.9 bp)X 4.5

July 10 :6.15 nbp (6.65 bp)X 4.8

Goal: 6.75 nbp (7.1 bp) x 5.1 Final goal : 7.25 nbp x 5.3

I will have sex but not really so much looking forward to it until I get 7.5x5.5. Once I get this measurement I will always be fully confident about the size of my penis even with a weaker erection. Just over 7*5 at moment with no PE gains ever but only just started a ‘good’ program so hopefully have my ideal penis by at the very worst the end of this year hopefully end of summer or sooner. In saying that thought it’s the lack of 100% erections which knocks confidence the most. If I could guarantee a 100% boner I would be happy to get this ‘big looker’ out.

Originally Posted by dyablo
And by the record I think I wont have sex until I’m over 6.8 nbp and 5.3 in base girth, but that is just me.

That’s not just you.

It seems to be a common enough reaction to performance anxiety, size concern, and -dare I say it?- virginity; your thought applies any or all of the above.

You should know that there is no reason whatsoever for you to hold back.

Women will be responding to YOU; your penis is just part of the package. There are a few size queens out there, but you don’t have to date someone if they turn out to be so shallow-minded.

By and large if a woman is into to you, your size will not be a barrier (even if you were considerably smaller than you are). Similarly, if you have the biggest dick in the world, or are magically blessed with a given woman’s ideal size (whatever that may be), if she’s not into you the point is moot.

You need to hear this: this is a time for you to go out and find women and have some fun with them.

It’s time for you to overcome your anxieties, lose your virginity and enter into the wonderful world of sex. Just see what happens.

I should warn you, it’s not always wonderful, but if you’re smart about it, and make discerning choices about who you hook up with and why you can have a lot fun. And it’s good for you.

Even bad experiences (to a certain degree) can be informative.

Don’t hold yourself back. Most women are looking primarily for someone who understands them, they can trust and have fun with, and who they are attracted to.

A big penis is - at best - a bonus. For some a big penis presents a problem. And you never know what someone really wants or needs until you try it out. Oftentimes people don’t even know what they want or can enjoy themselves.

You have to find out. It’s what life’s all about. Don’t let life pass by without trying to find out.

You’ll only regret it later.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:


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