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Psychological outlook of PE

Psychological outlook of PE

I have yet to be able to post in the main member forum but I believe what I am going to be stating here should and will help all who choose to take on this endeavor.

When a lot of people first began trying out any form of PE exercise they ask “Does it work?”. i have learned through my own personal experience that it does in fact work. The absolute most important factor in it working for me, i believe, is that I BELIEVE that it works. As anything else in life. Before I do my PE session I feel myself down there. I focus on the moment and experience the feeling of my dick between my legs, I feel the blood pumping through it and I literally mentally visualize the cells in my body working correctly at my command. I mentally channel my willpower through my cells with visualization and thoughts of “the cells in my dick are multiplying and reproducing and making my dick longer and thicker”.

I do the exact same thing when lifting weights. As I bench press my main focus is feeling every muscle fiber contracting and relaxing in perfect form as I go through the motions. I focus on my mind controlling my body, not just doing something with my body. The mind-muscle connection is what allows a person to utilize their full potential in any given exercise. A novice weight trainer could probably lift (and this is a random rough estimate) 2-30 percent more, easily, if they really made it happen. It is as simple as that. During my weight training sessions when I am off my game, when my mind is 100 percent focused on feeling my body lift that extra weight, when I dont focus on every muscle fiber contracting and relaxing through the exercise, I perform significantly less.

This is the same with PE. It works exactly the same when performing kegels but when jelqing what I focus on is my penis expanding to hold more blood. I focus on the feeling of it being heavier through my exercise and the swelling as I perform the exercise. When I do this 10 correctly performed jelqs with full mindfulness in the action are significantly more effective than 100 correctly performed jelqs when watching porn or my mind wandering elsewhere.

After a pe session I wrap a scrunchy around the base of my dick as if to hold in the blood and keep it pumped up for extended periods of time. My main reason for doing this however is mindfulness. Having the thing on my dick helps me to remember at any point throughout the day that A) my dick is growing and B) focus on that feeling. The vibrating of every atom and electron and molecule moving around working towards the goal I have. Im sure everyone has felt that “tingling” or “vibrating” feeling, not necessarily through PE but it could be in sports or during a conversation with an attractive woman. After youve made a play in football, or right after you hit a single in baseball, when you are on the line or standing at first base, primed to move forward. There is that radiating energy, you can feel it literally flowing through you, electrical nerve impulses, blood flow and your mental connection to it all. The more you focus on it and the more you focus on the task and goal you have in mind the more progress you will make, at least in my opinion.

I believe this is the number one aspect of my ability to grow and improve in weightlifting, pe, and any other aspect of my life. Having complete focus and experiencing and responding to exactly what is happening helps me a lot and I hope that some of you could try this too and it might help you out.

What does everyone else think about this? (especially PE veterans with considerable growth “under their belts”)

P.S. this idea comes from my personal spirituality and as far as proof of its effectiveness I would look at the increased rate of remission in cancer patients who practice alternative medicines, specifically positive thinking and meditation(mindfulness)

Fantastic quote from one of my favorite philosophers.

“As you think, so shall you become.”

-Bruce Lee

Just curious to know, what routines are you doing at the moment ?

It is true of everything.

All the time.


Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Good thoughts.

Yes, great thoughts and it is in fact true, although I thought it would be good to explain it a bit because I am sure there are people here who havent heard of this idea or thought pattern. If you want to see my current routine i have it posted in my thread in the member pics forum under the title “My pics, just getting started again”. As an update today was the first day in 28 days that I have done absolutely no PE. Well maybe some kegels.

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