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Psychological ED


I think I can tell where my leak is coming from. If I engorge my penis with blood to my hardest erection by kegeling then grab the base to trap the blood like a cockring, then squeeze the tip of my penis I can feel the blood shooting through one big vein out of my penis watching my penis head shrivel and erection quality go down at the same time. Im not sure if this is normal or not.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Unless you guys are Moose cock huge, that sounds like a circulation problem. I am almost 50, over 7X6, and can pound roofing nails into cinder blocks with my wood.

Stop smoking, clean up your diets, and get some cardio.

I get great wood nightly and mornings are the best, but later at night, most nights forget it.

I`m fifty in october and fit as fuck, soccer twice a week with 35`s, weights five times a week and road biking 30k twice a week..

.Maybe I`m just tired.

Can anyone test my theory and tell me if the same happens to them?



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