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Protein and PE

Protein and PE

Does taking in more that “usual” amounts of protein aid in PE?

I know that the penis isn’t a muscle, but I was wondering if it would have a good effect.

I just started getting into weight lifting (not bodybuilding) and learned all about the diet that should go with it, and wondered if the diet for PE is as important.

As long as your diet provides adequate amounts of protein, you should be ok. Adding more than you need will not increase penis size, or muscle size. As a weight lifter, I would say one gram of protein per pound of body weight should be more than adequate.

I think a good diet is important. Without treading on sacred dietary grounds, pretty much every camp agrees that if you eat ingredients (don’t buy processed food, but buy the ingredients to cook food) you will be much better off in general.


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I believe ample amounts of protein helps to repair and build tissue a little quicker…even if it’s not muscle tissue. I take whey protein, and I have gained 0.5” in one month, but I’m not claiming that the whey has been the primary reason for the growth. I’m just saying I believe it has helped. My two cents.


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I’ve touched upon this subject before. I like the use of protein with PEing. Just make sure you drink a lot of water as well, I think it is just as important if not more.

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