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Protecting My Curve

Protecting My Curve

My cock has a natural upward curve, which is something I’d like to maintain. I am concerned that some exercise might “damage” this or straighten it out. What should I avoid If I would like to keep my shape basically the way it is?

I’m new here and I don’t curve the same direction.. but I’m goign to guess. Try the excersices more in the direction of the curve. You probably can’t do weights (but who wants to o.o that’s scary to me).

We have a lot of posts about people trying to correct a curve. That’s very hard work (much harder than general growth).


The easiest thing to say is just do the exercises normally. How may see an increase in curve from increased erection strength but you are unlikely to see more thna minor change.


Correcting a curve, if you want to do that at all, has traditionally been done by jelqing against the curve. In the end you are looking at trying to stretch one side of the penis more than the other though and that is probably best done with an exercise that only stresses one side like a plumped bend or a uni directional slinky but these are advanced exercises and certainly nothing to get into without much experience. Pumping and hanging have also been suggested as corrective working on the same basis of stressing one side more than the other. There are plenty of people who’ve worked these exercises without a thought for curve correction and seen none.

So, from what you are saying I wouldn’t need to worry about exercises like the inverted v. That’s the one from the current routine that worries me.

Really no.

The inverted V-stretch in various forms was basically all I used for stretching because I was worried, probably erroneously, about erection level. If anything it simply helped me keep my curve in check rather than allowing it to become greater.

That’s just one experience but there are plenty of people who have used this stretch without a problem and some who have used this concept for hanging without a problem.

I have reduced my left curve quite a bit from doing PE. At the level it is now it doesn’t bother me, but it used to after I heard some negative comments from girls (in reference to other people’s, not my own).

I only saw the effect after hanging for weeks SD in a chair, with the Bib resting against the chair thus keeping the hanger straight. This made the left CC take the most stress, and it began to even out until both CCs were taking the stress almost equally. This divide and conquer approach was very effective; the Bibster would have been proud. :)

With an upward curve there is no shorter half of the equation, like in my situation, where one CC was longer than the other. So based on this I think your upward curve is safe. I don’t know if I’ve lost any of my upward curve but it’s still quite steep and I can see why people like it and I certainly want to keep mine.

The tunica is apparently nearly twice as thick on top than the bottom, so it should be easier to maintain even increase an upward curve than to flatten it. I can’t remember where I read that, but it was something like 1mm on bottom, around 1.5mm on sides, and 2mm on top.


oh o.o I thought he was trying to -keep- his curve :x

:confused: He is trying to keep his curve. What’s with the chat styling? Are we AOL all of a sudden?

Shiver, I guess on top you are working the septum too. If you find the link to the thicker on top bit I’d be interested, looks like I missed that.

Thanks ICM :)

Memento, I’ve just spent a good half hour looking for information on tunica thickness, but couldn’t find anything to support it. But yes, I guess the septum would be a major factor.

Thanks for looking.

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