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Prostatitis and jelqing?

Prostatitis and jelqing?

Hi! I have prostatitis/chronic pelvic floor tension and it makes my penis usually a bit hard and cold when flaccid. I would like to hear your opinions that is it safe to jelq when you have this condition.

I have understood that the tissue should be soft when jelqing, but even if I jelq with low erection level (ex.20%) my penis is quite hard. Could this mean that it’s the same thing as jelqing with an almost full erection because of the hardness even if the size is much smaller? In another words is it possible to make some damage if my penis is hard even if it’s only 20% erect?

Thanks for your replies!

Jelqing with a full erection is dangerous because of the pressure built up rapidly. That cannot happen with a low erection level, and the ‘hardness’ of a hard flaccid is a different sort of hardness to the hardness of an erection.
I doubt you would do any damage jelqing but take it slowly and carefully.

You should also look into massaging the pelvic floor area etc. to try to reduce the problem.

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