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Proposing a question...

Proposing a question...

I was thinking today, after reading Wadzilla’s post on T.I.T.T. and BFS theories, about stretching the tunica. Now it isn’t just a simple question, but are there any members who began stretching the tunica first instead of the generally accepted LOT and lig stretches. I am asking this, because it is said that newbies seem to get a great first gain because of lig stretches; and it is not really emphasized to stretch SO or the upper angles.

Then I was thinkin about how member’s LOT’s have rising as they have stretched SO and the upward angles…and here is where my question comes in. For those newbies who start here at Thunders and read about Bib’s LOT theory and have low LOT’s, would it not make sense for them to start right away with tunica work (DLD Blasters or V-Stretches or anything upwards)? This would in turn raise their LOT’s over a given period of time, and thus allow them to make more significant lig gains would it not?

Sure, it might take a bit more time, but instead of a feeling of ‘Crap, I won’t be able to gain as much’ for those who start with low LOT’s…this could be helpful.

Any opinions?

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I think that is a reasonable assumption scooter. Many members that have low lots have always been advised to stretch at upward angles and target the tunica or sheathing around the penis (for other members info)

This way your concentration is away from the ligs which have been said with low lots 7-6 oclock are pretty much as stretched as they are going to go.

I also would advise,scooter, to do the newbie routine and do the manual stretches as they hit all angles, also doing jelques helps stretch the tunica SO (Straight Out) which will help you make length gains as well.

I also read the T.I.T.T. and BFS theories and believe if enough force is applied over time, even SD (Straight Down) hanging can help you make some gains.

The LOT theory is just that a theory, use it as a guideline and not an absolute rule.

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