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Proper measurement technique

Proper measurement technique

Before I started PE I did a little research on how to measure the length of your penis. Obviously there are a lot of different way. You can press the ruler against the side, against the top, or maybe against the bottom. I found that the medical profession had more or less established a protocol for measuring length, and this was along the top of the penis from head to pelvis. Bone-pressed or not seems to be a matter of preference and varies from study to study. Something I hadn’t considered is that all scientific studies require measurements to be taken while standing up, because sitting can upwardly bias your measurement. I don’t have much of a curve (either upwards or sideways) but apparently scientists disagree on how to take that into account as well!

So started with BPEL, measured along the top of the penis, while standing. This is how all my measurements have been taken and, for the purposes of comparison, it is how I will continue to take them. But I have seen a lot of posts recently where people describe measuring while sitting, measuring along the side of the penis, and other inexact techniques, so I was wondering whether there is an official Thunder’s-Place-approve technique, so that we can all measure the same way.

Starting Jan 2009 - 5.9375" EL x 5.5" EG. Jun 2009 - 6" BPEL x 5.5" EG. Nov 2011 - 6.5" BPEL x 5.2" EG

Goal: 7" EL. Girth is fine as it is, but any incidental gains are welcome!

I think if you are going to compare yourself to studies/pe surveys you should measure NBP/BP along the top depending on which study. However, I used a side measurment at the beginning so it’s the best way for me to track gains.

My guess is Wessels is about right for NBP over the top, but had a mean age of 54, so I would take away at least 3-4 tenths on aging, and lifestyles was 5.87, and I would add on at least 3-4 tenths due to self selection and a younger crowd (less fat pad).

All that said the average male at the average age in his life is probably about 5.5 inches true NBP, and about 6.25-6.5 true BP

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