Proper grip

I. Hand Positioning
There are two common ways of holding the penis while performing a jelq.
1. O Grasp Make an O around the base of your penis with your thumb and index finger.
2. Pincher Grasp Using your thumb and index finger, place the thumb on the bottom of your penis and your index on the top of your penis. Your thumb and index finger should make a line that is, for the most part, horizontal Also, some people prefer to perform this style of grasping with the palm facing the top of the penile shaft. Your thumb and index finger should be pointing down (vertical). Performed this way, your thumb and index should be positioned as if you are reaching for some small item, such as a grape.

**Note: I find that using both hand positions mentioned above are the most effective. Starting with the “pincher” grasp is useful to get blood into your penis so that it is semi erect. Once the penis is thoroughly filled with blood, 50%-80% erect, I switch to the O grasp and continue with my session.”

I can’t seem to get erect using either grip, I just let myself get hard then start jelqing when it get slightly soft . Not sure what I am doing wrong here.

Also after 20 minutes jelqing, the flaccid isn’t any fuller than after I spend two hours materbating.

I read that you should be feeling a stretch or something, the only part is the base ligements that I feel being worked. I am thinking there must be something wrong with the grip.

I squeeze hard enough to reduce circumfrence by about 1/3.