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Proper grip in jelqing

Proper grip in jelqing

Hi guys,

It seems to me that I can’t apply the same amount of pressure in every side of the dick when I m jelqing. What is the most crucial part that we got to keep the pressure on? Is it the sides of the shaft, or the upper part?
My second question is how am I supposed to figure out the right amount of pressure to be applied in the grip?

With the OK grip your thumb should stay more or less horizontal throughout the stroke. Looking down, your thumb should be slightly in front of index finger (not if you got some crazy girth though).

Start: 15/07/12 EL: 6.0 (NPB) EG: 5.7/16ths (Midshaft). Next measuring: 15/10/12

Goal/Be Really Pleased With: EL: 7 1/2. EG: 6.0.

‘My’ take on Pressure:

You just need to make sure that you are always trapping blood right from the base and slowly forcing it up towards the penis head - which should look darker with blood each stroke. You should not be gripping too tightly, and not be feeling any kind of pain.

Start: 15/07/12 EL: 6.0 (NPB) EG: 5.7/16ths (Midshaft). Next measuring: 15/10/12

Goal/Be Really Pleased With: EL: 7 1/2. EG: 6.0.

Thanks for the responses. One last question. My ok grip Doesn’t seem to put the same pressure in every part of the dick. Where should my focus be? On the sides or in the upper part?

Are you alternating hands? I find that it “balances” the pressure issue I have

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Trying to start again: 2016/12 BPEL: EG:

Current ST Goal: BPEL: 6.5" EG: 5.5" | LT Goal: BPEL: 8.0" EG: 6.0"

You don’t have to grip every part of yourself when jelqing, a lot of guys in fact mix up their jelq routines frequently to make sure they hit all areas at different times. Take a look into different grips and methods that you can utilize.

Reject the basic assumptions of civilizations, especially the importance of material possessions.

I try to avoid focusing pressure on the upper (I assume top?) part of the shaft since I worry about damaging the dorsal nerve.

Started (6-10-12) BPEL: 7.000", NBPEL: 6.0" EG: not certain

Current (10-20-13) BPEL: 7.75", NBPEL: 6.375", EG: 4.875"

Goal: NBPEL: 7.5", EG: 5.5"

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