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Progressing kegels; ideas?

Progressing kegels; ideas?

I’m on the newbie routine and, it goes without saying, a total n00b.

I’ve been kegelling for near on the whole month (not nonstop, that would be absurd) and feel like I’ve mastered the newbie routine’s 50 kegels for 5 seconds each.

Is this something I should progress further at this stage, or should I just keep it as is? If the former, then what should I do?

Thanks guys.

STARTING STATS - 02/02/2015: BPEL 7.6 --- MEG 5.25 --- 5.25" with semi erection; but 5.16 MEG with 100% boner; BEG 5.47

CURRENT - 13/03/2015: I had to check a few times, but I'm pretty sure I got a genuine BPEL 7.8!! Will check girth again in a couple of weeks

GOAL: BPEL 8.50 --- MEG 5.5 --- BRING IT ON! (I've revised my goals for the time being; maybe I was being too ambitious too early on)

My opinion-you’re presently at a good level. Reading here you will discover what seems to be a kegal competition, with great pride displayed in the many hundreds of kegals done. Not necessary,I feel. The muscle involved will never be displayed in a bodybuilding contest.

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