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Progress so far

Progress so far

I’ve mainly over time used this site for information, with so many knowledgeable people about it seemed not much point in adding more of the same to a thread, also not wanting to blow my own trumpet (how long would it need to be? :) ) I’ve held back on some stuff and just used the search facility.

Today I thought I’d make a post out of the blue as I’m off work, got five minutes and just done my latest progress measurement and hit a bit of a milestone.
I started back in Decemeber last year reading mainly, I stumbled across the site by accident really not looking for PE info more about fleshlights and what I now know as ‘edging’. I read a lot at first and decided what the heck I’ll give it a go, I wasn’t overly dissastified with my size thinking I was Mr average but in a guys mind bigger is better so started out with the newbie routine and adapted it along the way.

When I first started I measured just under 6” BPEL and 4.5” girth midway, that was back on the 14th Decemeber, now today having just measured I’m 7” BPEL and 4.7 girth.
I won’t divulge my routine as I think it’s best that people find what works best for them, don’t expect amazing results in a week as it won’t happen and work on something for several months before adapting a routine.

I’ve always been a very sceptical person on such things so my biggest piece of advice for newbies is to measure accurately so that YOU know you’re making progress not what you’re reading about others and don’t measure too often, in the time I’ve been doing PE I’ve only measured three times, once at the start 14th Dec then 6th March and finally today 30th August.

I don’t have a personal ‘goal’ to reach but very happy making progress at present, next measurement? About the date I started I guess, a year on, should be 10” by 7” by then :)

Well done on the gains man :)

We’ve been PE’ing same amount of time but those gains blow mine away. You’re doing awesome!

You mentioned looking for “fleshlights”. Did you end up buying one?

Your beginning stats are the same as mine, little story, I did PE a year ago and left it, I got up to about 7” but left it for a year and I’m back down to 6” now :( but I’ve been back on the game for the past few weeks and now I’m clamping and hanging and doing the newbie routine as well, and as I said my starting stats are the same as your when you started, and I have promised myself not to measure for 2 or maybe 3 weeks.. Hell should I make it 4 weeks? Measuring each day I think you don’t really notice the difference.

But great post man, I can totally relate to you.

If you don’t want to post your routine on here, maybe you could pm it to me.

Well I wouldn’t exactly call it an inch(don’t remember my exact stats) but I didn’t cement my gains and so I lost what I gained :(

CK, Yeah I bought a fleshlight in the end, mainly just for pleasure to fill in the gaps between the infrequent real thing ;) I went for the clear one, seemed a littlre more kinky at the time :)

I think progress has been good so far, concerns are though I probably gained most length at the start and of late I’ve been doing more girth related excercises which is doing good for that but slowed down to length, I guess you can’t have it all.

If I ever hit 8” I’d probably stick to maintenance and just girth although it is a little worrying about people who stop PE’ing that seem to loose all there gains and others that don’t, If I did end up in a long term relationship I’d probably come clean and explain what I’m doing rather than try and hide it.

The quest goes on… :)

what work outs have you been mostly doing for the resutls you are having?


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