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Progress photos-not huge schlongs!


Look, I don’t want to post pics of myself when I am small. That is my huge phobia in the first place, having the smallest cock in the high school showers. This is why I PE, not to show off where I came from, but where I got too.

Sorry if I am not in the game to prove it works or to document before and after. The name of the game for me is results, and when I replace the camera that my dog destroyed I will post some more in progress shots. But I will be showing what I am now proud of, not what I used to embarrass me.

Its the bigger pics that get the most hassle Ive noticed, mainly disputes on size or authenticity. Fact is, its very hard to take a good accurate picture all by yourself.

I can also understand people not feeling like ‘showing off’ their starting stats, a good compromise would be to take a picture and keep it private until you can post it alongside your larger new improved pic and impress everyone with your gains. Plus that should keep the doubters at bay too.
I’d post a pic but I think it should be deletable with no time limit, its a bit too personal to publish permanently imo

I’m sorry but exactly who is going to identify your cocks in these pictures? I find it funny that you guys are all so scared to show where you came from before PE. Whats the big deal? So thats what you used to be, like someone said you can’t help your genes or how you were born. The point is if you post a before picture and your 4.5 inches and your after picture is 7.5 inches that would really blow people away and also give new people who maybe sitting at 4.5 inches some motivation in what is generally a long term commitment.

Anyway, if some tech savvy know it all wanted to try and track down exactly who I was in real life go ahead. I have nothing to hide and I don’t think what I’m doing is wrong in any way, shape, or form.


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