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Progress in 1 month

Progress in 1 month

Hello all,

Been jelquing for a month now, and my goal was to increase in girth.. Not really after length.

My routine consisted of a 5 minute warm up with a rice sock, about 50-80 jelques at 60-80 percent, followed by a warm down with a shower or a rice sock. I started going 3 on 1 off, but after seeing my penis lose erection quality and hard to get a hard on, I switched to 2 on and 2 off. Seems a little better.

My stats before I started were 6.25 BPEL, and 4.7 mid EG.

After 1 month, I am up to 6.50-6.60 BPEL and about 4.8 mid EG. I’m freaking out that I’ve gained alot in length when my goal was to jelque just to get more girth.

Weird how this happened. My girth seems more bigger at 60-70 percent girth though, hitting about 4.9 inches. When I’m fully erect, I tend to just be slightly below my starting girth of 4.7, but once I hold a kegal, my girth goes up to 4.8.

Can someone please help me to fix this? I would like to increase in girth. I’m aiming for 5 inches by mid November. Thanks

I’m newbie too but maybe my advise will help You.

First of all, be proud that You’ve gained. It isn’t 100% guaranteed that all of us newbies will gain in month.

For now, stick to Your routine and gradually increase the amount of jelqs and maybe the duration of each stroke will help. If You do 3-second strokes maybe switch to 5-secs.

Another idea is to add about 10 squeezes and increasing if Your PI’s will be good.

From my experience: I do the similar amount of jelqs but some of them are about 5-second and I see some gains in girth and bigger glans (maybe it’s pumped after jelqing session).

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