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Progress for me.

Progress for me.

I have been doing PE for about 2 1/2 months and can register length gain of about 1/2”.

It doesn’t seem much but my penis does look different, larger glans and more skin, and also much quicker partial erections. So I’m pleased.

I can see how important warm-up and warm-down is, especially in tyhis colder weather. The rice in the sock trick is really good.

I find Coconut Oil is a good lub.. Soon melts and lubs a warmed up penis.
At the end of regime I rub in a little cream with Calendula and Comfrey to
Stop any bruising. Had red spots at first a couple of times.but not now.

All this and I have not been too regular about good daily routines, it@s just not possible. As I get into more regular routines, growth will be more I suspect.
I hope to be able to submit pics when I’m more clever with comp!

The routines are very hard to stick to I find. But hey, half an inch is great!

Kaduna, that’s not a bad gain at all. Not at all.

regards, mgus

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Good going! 1/2 inch in a couple months is a very encouraging gain! Took me around 7 months to get similar gains.

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