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Program without stretch

Program without stretch

Hi all! This is my first post here:)
I’ve read a lot about PE, but I’m still confused..
I’ve done a couple of times jelq and stretch, but non-consistently and without a result. I’ve noticed, that stretch exhausts my Willy awfully and even softens my erections. I’m 5.7 NBPEL, 6.3 BPEL and have girth varying from 4.6 (at the head) to 5.2 (at the base), so certainly my priority is the thickness, especially at the head. What program would you recommend? Also, I make kegel exercises regularly, but except some new veins, I haven’t noticed any significant difference:(
Thank you!

P.P.I just bought my girlfriend a 6.5*5.75 silicone dildo and she says that it feels great and completely feels her up (I was really amazed when it slipped into her so smoothly). Approximately how many years I should practice until I reach these parameters?

Hi logaritym
Welcome to the Forum!

One of the things you must adhere to is consistency. Gains don’t come overnight and it may take a couple of months of regular work-outs to achieve some results.

You say stretches exhaust your Willy. This may be doe to your over exerting the pull and slightly damaging things. which is the normal result for stretching too forcefully. Ease off the effort and try stretching with half the power you were using. .

Of course it is quite possible that you are more susceptable to damage . If so then you will have to stop using that exercise; and just do jelqing for the pulls. .

It is worth excercisig for at least two months to condition your dick for more advanced exercises. If you are more interested in girth then perhaps the way to go is pumping. Girth is the main result, but there will be some length gains as well.

But do not consider it until you have conditioned your unit for more advanced routines.

Your main task at the moment is to get your unit strengthened to avoimd strains and red spots. And things like bruises; when you use the advanced exercises. If reducing the pull on the stretches still proves a problem, then , of course avoid them. but try again when things have strengthend.

So for the present do the Newbie routine with out stretching. (or try it at very low pull strength) and see how things go.

Don’t hesitate to ask any more questions. We are here to help you.


Good luck

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Another thing to look at if you are after girth, is the exercises called Squeezes. They are advanced exercises too, putting great inner pressure on your dick. So the same critical advice stated by petitfaun applies here too; Season your dick with jelqing at least two month before even trying them out. But the squeezes are all girth, and produce great results.

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

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