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Program 'The Perfect Penis'

Program 'The Perfect Penis'

There was a program on CH4 (UK) entitled the perfect penis which discussed the usual mens insecurities yada yada yada

I didn’t watch it all, but caught a glimpse of one guy who had developed a tool which he sells that uses manual stretching (no weights etc) to elongate the penis.

It’s really difficult to explain but basically you thread your cock through it and then pivot against your thigh to gain leverage and stretch your member.

The guy had definitely had some results, that was clear.

Did anyone see the show and know what the F I’m on about?


Didn’t see it, but I believe the guy you’re referring to is called doublelongdaddy. He used to be a member on here, but was busted for being a fraud.

I saw the program, but I’m a little fuzzy about the details. Was that the same guy who claimed to have originally decoded an Arabic text to discover jelqing?

Yes, the same guy. I saw the program too. Man is a cheater (jelqing was known far before his “discovery”).. And he probably knows nothing about the arabic language ;-)

Yep, double long daddy was his name, I found and watched the torrent.

The device he used for stretching looked interesting though, is there anything like that available?

It had a hole in the middle for your cock and and rope each end presumably to attach to your limbs?

That thing is (was? I don’t know) available at his site, via someone who makes it from mountain ash or whatever. There was a discussion about pricing of the tool here a year ago or so.

regards, mgus

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I watched the program. Did you see that guy that injected silicone in his penis? I think his name was “Mister Mark”. Anyway, It was so big he couldn’t have regular intercourse anymore. Towards the end credits it said that he was feeling unwell and suffering from silicone embolism.

I suggest he should rather enlarge his brain first, then his penis.

I saw it a few months ago too. The wrench looked useful; there is a picture of it on the front page of his website, and you don’t have to join to get to the equipment shop page. It seems to enable you to use your feet and legs to stabilise or apply leverage to the tool. But since I have learned to do it with my hands I am not up for the price tag.

Anyway the film was much more than DLD; he was just a commercial curiosity taking a couple of minutes in the whole scene. I think the show would be a reasonable anxiety relief for a lot of men.

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