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Productive T.V. Watching

Productive T.V. Watching

I think I’ve found a new hobby! I’m laying on my couch, watching t.v. And pulling my dong. Gone are the days when t.v. Watching was unproductive. Now I get to sit and enjoy my favorite program while growing my penis.

I’m sure I’m not the first to try this, but I’m posting to share my excitement and also get others’ feedback. Has anyone experienced any positive results from doing this? Also, when stretching, do you stretch in only one direction to fatigue the targeted ligs, or can you switch from one angle to the next at your discretion? Looking forward to your thoughts on this. Onward to more pulling!

From reading other posts, lots of people like to tuck their penis under their butt and sit on it to get a good stretch, believe it’s called a fowfer (somewhat of an intermediate exercise). Definitely something I may be considering , but after the newbie routine.

Start (Jan 2011): FL=8.75cm(3.44") BPEL=18.35cm (7.22") EG=11.6cm(4.56")

Current: FL=10.50cm(3.94") BPEL=19.55cm (7.69") EG=13.25cm(5.21")

Goal: BPEL=19.1cm (7.5") EG=14.0cm(5.5") and reduce my fat pad!

Hi Dextro,

Yea, I’m familiar with the fowfer. The good thing about it is that it’s a very convenient way of getting a stretch, plus it has the added advantage of warming the penis while stretching it. After trying it a few times I’ve decided against it though. The reason being that it leaves my penis somewhat numb due to loss of circulation. It may be ok for some, but it freaks me out. So instead I reach down and pull with my hand. Not as convenient but a good stretch nonetheless. Plus I can get a much nicer pull this way.


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