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Producing more cells

Producing more cells

I was just wondering if anybody, especially the bodybuildermembers here, know about any type of proteins, vitamins or other medicins or drugs that can make the body produce more cells!

If the body produces more cells you would gain a whole lot faster, both lengt and girth.

Hmmm one member here, I can’t remember who, said that he gained more when he was on steroid cycles he gained more (maybe I am incorrect in the phrase because I don’t have enough knowledge on these things).

But the best thing for optimum cell production is for you to find the perfect combination of on and off days. That you will find by PEing and listening to your penis reaction.

Good luck with your gains!

I believe there are some types of steroids who can make you gain faster, even though it’s really bad for your health and all that, but so is alcohol and sugar:P

Protein is needed by our bodies for virtually all growth promoting processes. Protein is a ”builder” of cells !

So an average person, that doesn’t take bodybuilding (or just putting on more lean muscle) seriously doesn’t even know how much protein he daily needs and doesn’t know how much he actually intakes during a day, so I think it would be hard for anyone to say whether that does have an impact on penis growth unless someone has tried !

Is there any evidence that PE will produce more cells in your penile structures?? Because I’ve read that approach, I’ve read on another PE forum that PE is all about stretching and widening your cells as it is not possible to produce more cells. And another place there was be talked about DHT.receptors in the dick that was determining the size of the dick.

Somebody got info on this?

Does any of the advanced users read the newbie forum or am I just locked here:) ?


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