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A couple of nights ago i started pe. My size right know is 5.5 inchs, and i wanted to get to 6 or 6.5. I started by jelqing for 17 minutes, then stretching for 10min. The next night i went to do it again, and noticed that there were two scabs along the vien on the right side, i tried to jelq anyway, but it hurt so i stopped. I am in the same deal today. Did i damage myself? Also, i was thinking about hanging, and doing this routine, as i thought maybe it would make the process of growing inch’s move alittle faster( i know it takes time), should i do this? I dont know i am just worried, and cant do any pe because it hurts. Any advice would be great!

p.s. I just turned 18, and have devolped slower than everone else, as i still dont have arm pit hair, its comming in now, but yea.


Do you wear a ring on your hand that you were jelqing with? Or have a sharp edge on a fingernail? Those could account for the scratches and scabs.

You have done the right thing in not continuing until you have the answers, but from your post, no I don’t think you have hurt yourself.

One of the hangers would be able to answer your question on hanging much better than I can.

( Oh, and please use a capital I all of the time ;) )

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

No thats the wierd thing, I wasnt wearing a ring, and I dont have long fingernails, Do you think I should start peing again?

Hey latino,

Sounds like you got carried away and used too much pressure. Let yourself heal up completely and then start back up with light intensity. Give your dick a chance to get used to the exercises before you get carried away again.
Add time and intensity to your workout gradually. Going too hard, too soon only delays your gains.

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