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Problems with PE

Problems with PE

Yesterday, last night, I tried to do the newbie routine. I am an uncircumsized male which kinda was the problem actually.

I began to stretch and it was extremely hard to do so. I didn’t feel a tug or anything and it felt kinda wierd. All I felt was pain right below my penis head. I struggled to stretch for awhile and stopped after awhile. I then moved on to the jelqing part and I began to grip at the bottom of my penis is possible. When I jelqed my foreskin kept getting bunched up and my scrotum skin kept getting caught in my grips. I noticed that my foreskin was getting too bunched up so I stopped in fear of thinking that my foreskin would expand and that my scrotum would too. Any one help?

I am newbie and asked that question many times. The most useful response is to either use one hand to hold the skin back at the base or switch to dry jelqing, which is great for us uncircumsized guys. More information on dry jelqing can be found in the tutorial forum. Hope that helps.

>I didn’t feel a tug or anything and it felt kinda weird. All I felt was pain right below my penis head.<

Check your grip. There are a bunch of nerves below the glans. Probably the best grip for stretching is an overhand OK, where the webbing between thumb and forefinger is located over the top of the glans.

Pain is bad. If you feel pain stop. You need to edge to the point just below pain often for effective PE but read and correct your technique if you are hitting pain.

I’m uncut too.

When you reach the end of the jelq stroke release the grip at the top enough for skin to move through it but no more, make you new grip lightly a little up the shaft, pull the skin back by moving the new grip down to the base. Increase the compression on the new grip and release the old grip.

That sounds complex but its easy to do once you’ve mastered it. If you alternate that with letting the skin bunch up you can get a good routine going. If you are going to let the skin bunch up at the top try and make this when you are jelqing toward the ceiling.

The major problem with jelqing is skin stretch at the base and this will happen most above the scrotum because there is less skin to provide resistance.

Thanks guys. I’ll resume the newbie PE routine when I take a shower in awhile.

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