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Problems with PE #... I lost count.

Problems with PE #... I lost count.

Last week, I downward jelqed for 30 minutes in the shower each day excluding Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not exactly consitently because i would ejaculate and two of those days were actually short and I kinda rested in between those minutes. I jelqed on monday downardly and I found it kinda hard actually. After my session, my penis wasn’t bloated or full like it was the previous week. My flaccid length kinda went back to it’s original state but still hung slightly lower in hotter temperatures. Anyways, I didn’t PE yesterday but I will most likely PE tonight when I shower.

I just touched my dick and it’s still kinda slightly larger. It felt like a shrunk granite pole yesterday however. Can anyone analyze this problem or relate to this in anyway and would like to share information? Thanks!

Im uncut BTW and oh yeah, my penis is darker for some odd reason. There is a line that seperates the darkness of my penis from the pinkish area.

What exactly is the problem you would like analyzed?

Why my penis wasn’t bloated and why it was kinda hard to jelq on monday.

Flacid size seems to vary a lot for everybody, I wouldn’t worry about that. I can’t help you with why it was hard to jelq.

The blood kinda went in slowly and I felt some pain at first. I was able to continue jelqing but I masturbated toward the end.

Is the flaccid actually shrinking? Thats a sign of overworking (too much jelqing).

If you mean the flaccid was larger but kind of higher density/heavier, that fine I used to get that after a hot wrap at the end of a session.

If you are feeling pain you should not work through the pain. Take a rest day and then come back. Are you seeing any alteration in color? Any blood?

OK Imperator you might consider using a straight routine.
I’m new here too and had similar problems.
Try out my routine:

First measurements

I’m doin this for a week or so and it’s gotten a lot more comfortable.
As you can see I only do short sessions but those intense. I mix them together so there isn’t too much pressure in one part.
Important to do a break.
I always do 2 days on 1 off
You can actually feel how fast your penis builds up. If you jelq to long or in a wrong way you might get erection problems or loose a little feeling. This will be gone after a day of rest.
If jelqing hurts you should stop. Feeling a strech or if it feels like it’s gonna burst(in a good way) is normal.
I have a big vein at the base. if I press that too long while jelqing it hurts, and I guess it’s the same kind of pain you have. I deleted this problem by switching around…
Well just try my routine or a similar one (newbie routine for example)
there are a lot of good routines here and I’m sure you will find your own pretty fast.
Just like working out you should actually feel what happens.
If you hurt yourself doing bodybuilding usually a muscle ripps…
Also look in the INJURIES section. those people have good advice how to prevent pain.

Starting Stats: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 5.5'' girth: 5.1'' erect: lenght: 6.8'' girth: 5.5'' hardness: 40 - 60 % 07. Aug. 04: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 6.0'' girth: 5.4'' erect: lenght: 7.7'' girth: 6.2'' hardness: 90 - 100%

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