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Problems with manual stretching - plz help

Problems with manual stretching - plz help

Hiya peps!

Well as I’m sure you can see I’m new here as it is, I’ve Pe-ing following the newbie guide and I’m about 1 month and a few weeks into it now.

I’ve noticed a change in my old boy for sure, thicker, veiner and harder stronger erections.

I’m not sure if I’ve had any gains as I’m not gonna check till at least the 3 month mark, the signs I’ve seen so far are enough to keep me it at, and I love it :)

The problem I’ve been having is maintaining a grip or at least a hold when trying to do manual stretches, sometimes I can’t even hold till the 30secs thats recommended.. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve watched the videos and scoured the forums and I think I’m holding in the right place, just under the glans, but I’ve noticed it’s like my glans go into shock or something just shrinks up and I’ve nothing to stop my hand from pretty much slipping off the end of my dick..

Any help would be much appreciated , thnx !

Gl with all your gains and hope your dreams come true ! This place is the dogs ^.-

o0 - hi,

Please read the Forum Guidelines before posting again. It seems to have been left off your reading list and you may find it rather important reading. Thanks.

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I’ve read the guidelines twice now, all I see is a few slang words which don’t take a rocket scientist to understand what they mean.

I’ve missed a few “.” here and there ? Whats the problem ?

As far as I can tell I’m within them and explained the situation clearly and to the point so that the others who I’m asking for help , can without having to question me countless times because of lack of information.

To avoid slipping, you can use baby powder or maybe a cloth over your penis where you want to grip. Good Luck in your PE journey and welcome to Thunders :)

Ok nice thanks okish6er , I shall have a go tomorrow with the powder.

Cheers for your help :) .

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
The problem won’t be ours. Read and follow the Guidelines or lose your ability to post. Simple, not rocket science.

Hahahahah Man I wanna die your friend.

The forum guidelines is to help us foreign guys to understand better, after all there some slang that you guys talk that I never heard off!

I have only done manual stretching and I had the same problem for a while. Not so much the slipping, it is possible to hold the grip but then the glands start to hurt after a while. Something that helps me is to use a piece of cloth just under the hold. Eases up the pressure on the glands and allows me to hold the stretch longer. I’d rather not mess around with baby powder if I can avoid it. It can also help to have maybe 10-15% erection when stretching so that the glands are slightly firmer.

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I get a pretty good grip with a facial tissue.

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My Pics

Nice guys, thanks for all your input.

I shall try them all and see what suites me best.

Thanks again :) .

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