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Problems with keeping the erection during the jelqs

Problems with keeping the erection during the jelqs

Hi everybody.

I started to do the beginners routine a couple of weeks ago and I’m having problems with keeping the erection during the jelqs. I usually post on the Spanish forum but I haven’t got any advice that really helps me. So please if you have been through this and found a solution please help me because I am really exited about the exercises but this isn’t helping.

Thank You so much!

You shouldn’t have an erection whilst jelquing. When I jelq I open one window with about 5-10tabs of porn I like. And then the other window side by side with thundersplace . Org and read forum.

That way I can have my dick a little swollen but not hard. And maintain the sweet spot.

What type of jelqs are you doing? Dry? Wet?

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Yeah, I’ve heard from some people that porn helps a lot, bit others tell me that I shouldn’t use it. I’ doing wet jelqs.

I think you have to ask yourself, “What is the best way to maintain the target erection percentage so I can continue doing safe Jelqing without injury?” If that means that you have porn on in the background while you are doing it so you can maintain that safe level, go for it. Just watch enough to excite you a little bit, get that 60-80%, then change your focus back to your Jelqs and focus on your technique. Just remember that a full erection will increase the chance of injury.

Are you doing stretches before jelqing.
Stretches mess up your erection so if you are doing them, cut them for a few days and only jelq.

Maybe it will help you.

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