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Problems With Erections

Problems With Erections

Hi guys,

Yet another problem, I do a lot of walking in my job, and play football and also do a couple of hours training a week.

As I discussed in a recent thread my dick goes really small after these activities.

But my other problem is, most of the time after these activities I can’t seem to get any blood into my penis to obtain an erection, I need this to do jelqs, and other excercises. But unfortunately most of the time I just end up with this useless hanging piece of skin.

How do I get blood into it, as it’s a bit hard to get sexually excited as well after I have excercised.

Just something seperate to the above

I’m gonna post some pictures of my dick, if I’m allowed to, as I’ve really just started, perhaps it would be a good reference point to come back to in a couple of years to compare myself.

Also are there any guys out there from the uk that no where to get all the captn’s wench materials from.

Cheers guys

I heard a long time ago that when little girls do gymnastics it kind of makes there body not develope and I think its due to the workout I wonder if this could be the same thing. Maybe what it is is that all the blood is out in all your other muscles and it cant just spring back to the penis that fast. How about after a couple of hours can you get an erection. lets say you work out in the morning can you get an erection at night.

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Thanks for the reply hopeful, yeah I can get an erection after a while but it is hard sometimes.

I just think it’s a bit odd to lose every ounce of blood that runs through your penis after exercise.

And it in turn makes my cock look so bloody small, and it’s not my real flaccid length. Hence I don’t take a shower after football.

Well I don’t know of any solution but I don’t think its abnormal. I’ve tried doing stretches and excercises myself after a long jog and it’s really hard to get that semi plump state of erection. Nothing less than porn can get me erect in such situations.

I would think that taking a shower after exercise to cool your body core temp would help, and then afterward a rice sock or some other heat on the unit to warm it up and get the blood to it. Good luck.

Do your PE before you go to the gym or take a run.

You have problem getting your dick hard because the there is moore blood flowing around in your muscles.

For me, its exactly the same.

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