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Problems with erections during jelq

Problems with erections during jelq

I’m in my first week of the newbie routine and I’m coming across a problem. About 3 minutes into jelqing I go from semi erect to full throttle. Currently I’m only dry jelqing. I’ve tried watching sports, late night talk shows, any thing to stay soft but it’s like I have muscle memory down there. Am I running the risk of injury if I jelq fully erect? Should I just take breaks and let it settle and then continue? Is this something that passes over time.

I’m stoked to find this site and look forward to the results.. I just need to get the right method down first!

Try wet jelqing - easier on the unit.

Second, I run into that problem to and I’m in my 4th week. Just let it subdue and go at it again. You should get used to it.

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@Both of you ,I had same thing start to jelq from flacid and it actually prevents you from going hard

And also I jelqed be for coming to this site and all ways done dry and no warm up was not regular tho just when I was bored and again that’s how I found out how to stop the erections

Ex: if your already jelqing from flacid eventually your penis becomes like numb so no erections hope this helps :)

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