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Problems with Ballooning, please help

Problems with Ballooning, please help

Hey, I kinda need some advice. I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a few weeks now. One day on, one day off, etc. I haven’t been trying to push it. Last week, I read about a routine that did edging on days between jelqing, and I thought it would be ok if I did that as I wasn’t trying to manhandle my wedding tackle, just coax it to a little more firmness.

Well, my previous ballooning attempts were either done incorrectly, or when I changed it up, today, I did something seriously wrong today. I forget which thread I read it in, but today, I read about the “proper” way to balloon. The technique described utilized massaging all of the penis except for the glans and about an inch before it. The idea was to avoid trigger areas that would induce ejaculation. I tried it this way, and it was fantastic. I mean, my little guy was soon becoming the big guy in the relationship, and everything was beautiful. The head was shiny and HUGE and I think I gained a temporary half-inch in my BPEL. I went from a normal 6.5 to something close to 7.15. It was amazing. Most inspiring 30 minutes of various combined hours of PE work I’ve done.

Then I let the erection die down.

As soon as it was at about 25% hard, I felt the most indescribable feeling. It was remarkably similar to when you have to pee really, really badly, but with more burning. Think: those first few seconds of peeing on an electric fence. (So, I suppose it wasn’t quite that indescribable, after all.but I digress.) I didn’t think too much of it, as I recently started drinking scads more water than I used to. Something like 3 quarts a day. A little much, I know, but I haven’t felt any ill effects from mineral loss, so I figured it was ok. When I peed, I had this weird painful/pleasurable micro-gasm and this intense burning began. When I was done, little proto was hanging a little lower than normal, but still burned. In addition, the intense need to urinate did NOT leave. I sat there for 15 minutes trying to squeeze another drop out because it was beginning to hurt. All the while, my penis started changing shape. The head inflated a bit, and the angle of the dangle continued to increase. It’s usually flacid around 2.5 inches. It was/is dangling down to 4.5-5. I remember Vincent VanCock mentioning the flacid change when I first read his post on ballooning/edging. I am pleased with the actually flacid gains, just intimidated by the immediate change, and the burning still hasn’t gone away, completely, and it’s been 30 minutes.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is it normal? Should I stop ballooning? In my infinite newbness, did I do something completely chowderheaded? If anyone could give me some advice, I would really, really appreciate it- PN

If you want to do some edging/ballooning as a way to increase you sexul stamina that is one thing. As far as ballooning for getting a bigger unit goes forgettaboutit! Stick with the noob routine and read bunches for a while. If, months down the road, you are not getting gains are up on all the views on ballooning then reconsider.

The majority of experienced PEers do not believe that ballooning does much of anything for PE. You will find plenty of refferences to it and posts from guys trying it and believing it helps them. We have a sh*t load of guys here and enough archives fill the library of congres. You can find plenty of posts on just about everything.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks for the advice. I think I will try to continue ballooning in order to increase my stamina (there is no day of rest in my temple of PE, and I feel the need to do something everyday), but I’ll probably change the way I do it to avoid it. *NOTE* I didnt touch my pole after my post yesterday, and the burning went away in like 2 hours. However, whenever I urinated for the rest of the day, I got varying degrees of this electricity feeling that flowed up my legs and back and centered in my upper chest around my shoulders. Crazy stuff.

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