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Problems, spots, confusion.

Problems, spots, confusion.

Whats happenin?

I get spots on the head of my penis after just one session of a workout. I’ve tried loosening my grip, but then I don’t get any fatigue. Then I have to take 3 days off and that isnt good.
I mostly get the spots after stretching. I am not very hung, so my grip is pretty close to my head. Is there a certain grip I should have on my shaft when I stretch?

Thanks fellas.

Red spots always come from overdoing something. In your case, the stretching, sounds like. Wait ‘til they clear, then resume your usual routine but do only very light stretches and maybe fewer of them. You need to get “conditioned” to these exercises. :)



I made it a whole session without any spots. While stretching I loosened my grip alot. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.


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