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Problems during exercises

Problems during exercises

Sorry, it’s always me :(
I just wanted to tell how is going my first approach with the exercises.
The warming up seems to be ok, I guess I should not have too much problems doing it ..
The troublesome question is when I begin to do the exercises, while I am doing the manual stretches it often happens that my hand begin to hurt after the 4th - 5th repetition, but that is not the worse.
In fact the worse thing is that I am doing the wet jelq exercise I can’t retain me to have an erection.
I tried in all the ways to put a remedy on that but I actually haven’t found a solution.
I am trying to think to some documentary about the nature, some programming .. I ever tried to read a book about the c++ programming language doing it .. But it seems that the problem doesen’t change :( .
The only way to try to stop that erection is stop the exercice .. I wait till it goes down a little but as soon as I put again my hands on it the problem is there again :(

For that I want to ask if there some solution on the problem or maybe some other way to do the exercice or maybe if an exercice that can be done only t full erection exists .. :(

I profit of the occasion for asking if someone could help me creating a plan of training, I don’t matter how hard it is or how much time of my day it will take me :)
Actually I wish more than other to increment the lenght, the girth is already too much for me, I often can’t even close my hand around it or if I can my hand begins to hurt very soon :(

I hope someone could help me in this, I’ve already hurted me while doing an exercice without caring of the erection, and now I prefer avoid that .

Masturbate before jelqing. Then you should be able to do your session without getting an erection.

Mr21, your first objective should be not to damage the aready huge unit you have. Why are you pushing yourself so hard? You are already in the top 1% of dick size and I would guess have had partners turn you down because of it. What exactly do you wish to accomplish with PE?

As far as not getting an errection, when I think about creating a virtual base class from a derived class in polymorphic inherited code my unit gets as soft as a baby’s tush. I wonder why this does not work for you? Perhaps you are focusing on pointers and descriptors too much. :) Also, squeezing the head or thinking about how much I owe in taxes works for me.

Seriously, you should define what you want to get out of PE and how it is going to help you and your sex life. The problems you are experiencing are unique to most people starting out, just be patient and keep trying and you will eventually fall into a pattern that works.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

Umm .. Sorry I forgot about mentioning it, even if I masturbate before the problem don’t change .. I even tried to stop the exercice masturbate and then begin again but it seems to be pointless .. After less than 50 jelqs it is as before :’(

I guess I have to make some “mental” training .. At this point this must be the only solution :(

Thanks for trying to help me anyway :D

I noticed you post only now OneHungLo .. Sincerely I don’t know what to say, I really don’t know how to retain myself, I guess I must have some sexual disfunction, even when I am thinking to the classes and all the rest as soon as I begin to touch it everything begin to mix up and I begin to think about bjarne stroustroup’s secretary .. Or things like that :)

To say the truth once on the net a guy showed me a thing so big I feelt humiliated .. He told me he was something like 31 centimeters .. One day I wish I could be like him :D
The other reason for me to enhace a little my dimensions is that my last relation was a disaster on the sexual view .. I don’t know if I done something wrong or anything but I never really make her enjoy the act :(

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