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Problems before starting out

Problems before starting out

Before I start, I have some questions about potential issues I already have:

Years ago when I was growing up (probably about the age of 18, I’m now 29) I created a suction device with a tube and would put my flaccid penis in it so that when it became erect it would compress on the edges and could pull on it to give myself pleasure. Seems like a silly idea now!!

I did this numerous times and eventually noticed I had discoloration (brownish) on the underside of my head and a red/brown dot on the top like a freckle. I still have these nearly a decade later. What are they from and does it mean I’ve damaged myself any more than ascetically? Is there anyway to remove these?

Also, I am sure that my erections are not as hard as they used to be. I have an upwards curve and at the point of curve the penis is thinner to the head. I’m 5” at base and 4.5” under the head. The head hardly feels like it grows from flaccid. Could this just be the way I am or damage/a problem? Will I be able to improve this?

Many thanks for your time!

I also have an upward curve and am larger at the base than right under the glans. I think the majority of people are bigger at the base, but that’s just my guess. I can’t speak about your “problem” but if it doesn’t hurt in any way I couldn’t imagine it being that bad. Maybe you could try the newbie routine for a month or so and see if you get improved EQ?

I’m pretty much still a newbie, so just listen to your body and be careful!

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