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Hey, I’m pretty new to PE and just started about a week and a half ago. However in this time frame my penis has shrunk 1/2 inch in length(erection) and my girth is about the same, if not a hair less than it was. This is not what I had in mind. I hope this isn’t permanent. As well I have noticed my erections aren’t as strong like they used to be(I am only 18 and erections were never a problem in number or strength). Right now my routine is about 4 min warm up, 10 min stretch, 20 min wet jelq(varies depending on free time), 5 min warm down. I’m guessing I should stop for a few days. Was this routine too hard to start out? Are there alternative techniques I should be doin? I really need some good advice here.

How consistent are your measuring methods? A weak erection compared to a full 100% erection can produce different results.

If your erections aren’t as strong, then take a couple of weeks off. Then when you start back into PE, just do 10 minutes of jelqing. After a few weeks of this, add in 5-10 minutes of stretching. (Along with hot wraps) Starting back in slow did the trick for me, so maybe it’ll work for you, too.

>I hope this isn’t permanent.
Don’t worry it won’t be and don’t bother measuring unless you’ve taken at least one rest day (preferably 2).

>Was this routine too hard to start out?
Sounds like you might be, try cutting back the jelqing time to 10-15 mins. If you are shriveled after a session rather than larger you are working too hard.

How many rest days are you taking in a week?

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I think that condition is only temporary. I would continue doing the excercises every other day. Maybe try jelqing at a higher erection level and throw in some helicopter shakes every 50 or so jelqs. You can also do another warm up every 10-15 min with a hot soak or something.

How often do you PE? At what erection level and for how many seconds each stroke?

If you’re at 20 min. wet jelqing now wait another week or two to try and up that time to, say 30 min.

One more thing, when you go to take a piss, do another 30 second stretch.

Good luck with the gains, I’m pretty sure your flaccid hang will improve in a week or two and the erect gains will come in a couple months.

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Umm…to answer some of your questions. I try to do PE 2 days on 1 day off. My erection level tends to be 90-95% and my strokes probably average around 3 seconds. Thanks for everyone’s advice.

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