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I’ve recently started doing jelqing and kegeling.

I have a slight problem though.

I can never go past 8 minutes of jelqing, this includes kegeling to keep it up. Is this normal?

Also the time and effort it takes to get an erection is getting longer.

I can’t tell if any of this is good or bad. I’m quite young(19) and I don’t

Suffer from ED/low blood pressure.

Perfectly normal. Your unit is getting conditioned. Make sure you warm up thoroughly before you jelq or stretch. Take it slooooow.

That’s good to hear. I have one more problem and a question. My flaccid penis is quite sensitive. I can only warm-up for five minutes before it begins to get solid. Will the time lengthen so I can do a longer warm-up. Also Is a hot bath a substitute for a wrap?

Warm bath is the best IMO. 10 minutes and you should be good to go.

I promise you, it takes a while. Some guy have the problem of becoming aroused too easily, but there are also a lot who have to learn to maintain the proper erection level for prolonged periods of times. I’ve been doing this 5 months, and I can maintain my desired erection level for 15 minutes, mind you I’ve never gone longer.

There are a lot of factors to consider. With EQ in consideration,
-are you exercising and lifting weights?
-are you eating healthy?
-do you have stress, depression, lots of school work, or something similar that may be causing you low EQ?
-are overworking your penis? (you can tell by soreness or turtling)
-are you warming up properly? You posted something about warming up, and you have to realize that everybody is different in this regards. Some people warm up better with a rice sock, some with a bath, some with an IR lamp, and some with a heating pad. The latter two choices are good ones but also cost some money. Personally, I go with a 5 minute rice sock warm up, but what I have realized is that I warm up MUCH better when the sock is only kind of hot, as opposed to very hot. When it’s very hot, I turtle and feel sore and it’s just all around bad. Try a lower temperature.
-try some supplements. I personally take ginkgo biloba, l-arginine (AEE), horny goat weed, and fish oil. I also drink “erection tea” (search it).

Good luck, I may be able to further help you if you give some more information.

Starting stats: NBPEL:6.5 | MSEG:5.25 (around 3/1/2010)

Current stats: NBPEL:6.5 | MSEG:5.25 (around 3/1/2010)

Short-term goals NBPEL:7.25| MSEG: 5.65

1. I have been exercising regularly. On days that I exercise I can go longer.

2. I’ve trying to eating healthy, though I do suspect that I’m under eating.

3. My schedule is a little hectic but overall I have a low stress life.

4. I don’t believe I’m overworking my penis. It does turtle naturally but fowfers have been helping

To prevent this so far.

5. I usually don’t have a precise time but I do believe I’m doing 5 minutes.

6. I will try one of those supplements. Can they be acquired in a regular pharmacy or does one have

To go to a specialized store?

I had the same problem in the beginning, I find out that during jelqing my erection gradually drops a bit from the starting point so I worked up a hard erection and then let it drop a bit so I’m not to low in erection level. Don’t begin jelqing straight away when your hard as a rock, I’ve done that and I got red dots twice up the shaft and you don’t wanna get em.

Beginning size jan 2010: BPEL 5.5 (14 cm), EG measured at root: at least 4.3 (11.0 cm) BPFL: 3.1 (8 cm)

23/3 2010: BPEL - 5.75 (14.6) , EG root 4.4 (11.2), Middle 4.4 (11.2) BPFL: 3.3 (8.5 cm) 20/5 2010: BPEL - 5,9 (15.0) EG root 4.5 (11.6), Middle 4.4 (11.2), NBPEL 5.1 (13.0), BPFL: 3.5 (9.0cm) Short-term Goal: NBPEL 6.0, EG root 12.0 cm Long-term Goal: NBPEL 7.0 EG Middle 5.5 (14.0)

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