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I have some red pimples at the bottom of my dick (no they are not just red spots just like everyone else) and they’re like whiteheads like some people get on their face (acne). Do you think this is caused by PE? If so should I stop for some days?

Are you shaving - it could be just a shaving rash.

Or do you dry Jelq, I found I got an unusual rash with dry Jelqing.
I’m circumcised so was thinking it was the problem so stop doing dry.

I use Bepanthen cream once a day, it soothes skin and heals rashes.

Dude, I get those too. I think it’s from the stretching, mine seem to occur at points where I can see the penis being stretched.

I shaved about 3 weeks ago and I do dry jelqing yes. Should I stop from stretching and dry jelqing and restart PE on Monday?


Not sure , properly should start again Monday.

I shave every day, after my workout and have no problems.

As I said before it could be the dry Jelqing.

Do they appear in the hair follicles?

I don’t know what hair follicles mean but they are like two big spots at the bottom of my dick!

I was reading another thread before, (I know) ‘it was a guy in the members pictures’,

He had a band aid on his dick, you should go and check it out, it was a similar problem.

thanks neville

It must be from shaving. I just got these too after shaving. Anyone know how to get rid of them?

Take a break from your routine for starters,

I use Bepanthen cream when and if I get a rash,

Every day after my workout and shave, I massage baby oil in.

Keeps your skin nice and soft for the wife.

But I shaved about 3 weeks ago. I think it’s not from shaving.

Did you have these -white nipples- prior PE?

If they are hair follicles then there should be hair sticking out of them.

I don’t think it’s acne, (but if a hair does stuck in the upper layer of the skin it might cause acne).

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They might be sebaceous cysts (very common) that have become inflamed and/or infected due to PE. If you look closely, are there little white, hard spots at the center? If so, they are probably sebaceous cysts. I get them occasionally (much less as I’ve gotten older) and I usually just pop them if they don’t go away on their own. The white stuff is not puss like in a normal pimple, but a harder waxy substance (I think it’s called sebum) so they’re kind of hard to pop and a little painful. After I pop them, I use neosporin until they’re completely healed (usually within a few days.)

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