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I was wondering if I could get any info or help from some of you guys..
Ever since I was like 15 I’ve had problems getting an erection and still do .
I have no problems getting a semi and bit more but a full on HARD erection just doesn’t happen for me often, an when it does it ain’t for long!
When I masturbate I feel as if I need to tense my penis basically otherwise it just doesn’t feel right.. Seeing as I’m masturbating on a bit over a semi.
As you can probably work out this would be a big problem for anyone wanting to have sex frequently..

Do you reckon this is due to a poor diet and fitness problems or something else? Please help guys!

(BTW I have tried Viagra before and that worked a it but not as well as I thought it would.. It wasn’t the best type tho I gotta admit)

Cheers for any help!

You tell us.

How old are you?

How is your diet? Do you eat a lot of fats and junk food.

Are you overweight?

Do you exercise?

Do you smoke?


I don’t eat that much junk food but mainly all my meals are chicken something or other.. Quite a few fatty snacks etc tho..

I’m not overweight

I weight lift at the gym (no cardio tho)

I used to smoke but ave up about a month ago

I haven`t had a good stone boner it years. I jerked off to much but from PEing I am getting stronger erections. Also my weight was a factor. I also tryed the big bad Viagra, it wasn’t worth my time.

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Ok thanks so maybe I should stop jerking off so much and PE .

How is your sex drive?

Do you get horny often/easily?

I get horney easily but only to the effect of a semi..

Sometimes when I’m with a bird I get nervous tho which really doesnt help!!

I could of got sex a couple of times latley but gave up the chance as to this problem .. Which I geuss makes my sex drive pretty shit

Kegel like hell. And stop wacking off so much.

If you’ve had this problem for three years it’s probably time to see a urologist.

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