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Problem with PI's and redspots.

Problem with PI's and redspots.

I am curious to know about how someone that isn’t Caucasian can check for physical signs of under training or over training. I researched on the site a little and noticed a lot of people talking about red spots. Seeing a color like that on my skin is not really possible. I’ve also read about PI’s. Maybe my brain couldn’t process everything good enough but that kind of confused me as well. I am under the assumption that I am either over training or using to much pressure while jelqing. The reason I say that is b/c I have not gained at all. I’ve been at PE religiously for a couple of months now and nothing. I have cut back on a lot of the things I did before in hopes that maybe the negative things I do or don’t do would help with gains. Yet, I am still stuck. I know a lot of people say read what your body is telling you, but the problem for me is knowing the language. I really feel like this has to work regardless of my countless failures. I still want to have faith in this, just need some advice here and there. I do appreciate any ones input on my problem.

You are not able to see petecchiae on your skin?

About PI’s, the most basic question is : have your erections worked better? More hardness?

Iv been jelqing for about 2 weeks and today iv over done it and have blood spots? Got quite a few small ones and some dark ones that are bigger.. Looks like iv got blood under my skin? Am I going to be ok? And is there anything I can do to get rid of them quicker? My girlfriends going to wonder what the fuck is a matter with me! Please help as I’m worried now


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