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Problem with Jelqing

Problem with Jelqing

I have been doing PE for almost three months. Kinda recently from doing jelqing, I have had this huge vein sticking from the back side of my penis.the first time it happened was about a month ago. I was not sure what to do. I was a little freak out but I rested from doing any type of PE for a week. It went away and I started doing my exercises and in a few days it reappeared. I stopped doing jelqing after that and just stayed to stretching. I waited about 3 weeks and I tried jelqing one more time and the same thing happened. It doesn’t hurt but it just this irregular inflated huge vein that sticks out ever time I do jelqing. I’m not sure what to do. Should I stop jelqing and never do it again, do I need to take a really long break, or not even worry about the vein.

I’m pretty sure increased vein size (as long as it isn’t becoming hard) is a good sign

Hi Crapman!

I’m not quite sure what you mean by back side. (Because back side depends whether it is hanging down or erect) I assume you mean underside ie the bit you can’t see when it is flaccid.

(If it is the top side that is pefrfectly natural)

But if it only happens when you exercise - Jelq, and goes away and is not painful it would seem to be a vein that is getting more blood pushed into it due to the Jelqing. (Thats what jelqing is inteended to do) The it shouoold be OK.

It might be worth just doing very light jelqing and see how it behaves. if it is less inflated then probably not too much of a problem but keep to the light jelqing for a whil and see how it goes.

Come back if you notice any other changes. As the more information we have the m better the diagnosis.

Good luck


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Thanks for the info

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