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Problem with forum

Problem with forum

Just wondering why I am having to reenter my username and password every time I try to read a different thread during a session?



Odd. Do you have some kind of cookie killer program running? What browser are you using?

Netscape is my browser and no cookie killer.

Tried it bothways and still having same problem.

Thanks for any help.

Try checking the “remember me” thing and then log out (quick links button, upper right). Then log back in. Just a shot in the dark.

Otherwise, try another browser if you have one. See if the same thing happens.

Has any other site you’ve been to EVER remembered you?

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Don’t exactly know why, but the problem seems to be gone after having fought it for three days.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


Maybe “remember me” took? Let us know if it happens again.

I think somehow your clearing your cookies after every session.

Are you running a spybot search or similair program that eats cookies? I had an earlier edition of that program that somehow ditched cookies, the new one doesn’t. You could have it automatically or default set to chew this shit up and not even know it. Just a guess here. I know you said you have no cookie killer, but I tried.

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