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Problem with erections

Problem with erections


It’s been a while since my last post.

Few months ago I started PE and it gone well, however, had to stop because it appeared that my problems with peeing were caused by enlarged prostate. Did not expect that, I am 21 years old but it’s not main reason of this post.

Before visiting my urologist I never had problems with getting and keeping good erections, even after tons of alcohol and 2-3 times of sex.

However, after taking whole bunch of pills from my doctor, problem with peeing almost disappeared but right then noticed changes with my erections. Earlier my main problem was premature ejaculation. Pills helped me either with that, not completely but had a little bit more control over it.

Now erections started becoming much rarely then used to. At first I was glad, finally had to touch myself for a little longer while masturbating before getting 100% hard penis and thought it gave me better control over ejaculation.

Week ago after two days of drinking in the morning couldn’t keep erection longer then couple seconds, it was okay until I was trying to put a condom on( had to start using them few months ago, fiancee stopped taking pills so it’s not main problem).

Didn’t mind at all, it happens to the best after drinking 2 nights with few hours of sleep. However, two days ago again took some alcohol in my hand but not more then usually. At night when I came home with fiancee had couple super hard erections before we started doing anything. It was super standard, we had to change place for some reason and when tried to continue erection was gone. Not like 50-60%, like 20% and couldn’t do anything with that. In the morning situation was even worse, had morning wood, after 2 hours tried to have sex again, getting erection, trying to put a condom and it goes again once more.

Started some light PE, quite drinking and changed my diet to super healthy but honestly, right now I’m scared of having sex, that same shit is going to happen. The strangest thing is I am still getting really hard if my fiancee is around but what causes I can’t keep it long ? Had no further opportunity to check how things look like now, it was couple days ago. Do You guys may suggest anything I could do except I said ?

Sorry for the double post. Done some research on the internet and found articles about connection between enlarged prostate and ED. Going to see my doctor ASAP, it might be strange but honestly wish my problems with maintaining erection are caused by prostate and can be cured by pills. I am kind of guy who panics so badly about anything connected with my buddy. Yesterday night tried some masturbation and my unit stood up but he needs 10 seconds without touching to drop everything. Again same situation with my lady, got hard, took a condom, erection dropped. Made him stand up around 50%, started taking an action and after 30 seconds felt he is flaccid inside her.

I would appreciate any advises or comments on this, starting freaking out about this.

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