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Problem with erections

Problem with erections

I had started newbie routine and continued it for a month and had significant gains.
I was doing it 2 day on and 1 day off and then after a month I increased to 3 days on and 1 day off, and after a couple of weeks I increased it to 5 days on 2 days off, at this point I started losing quality of my morning wood and I lost it completely, and I had very bad to no erections.

I took 2 weeks off and my morning wood returned after a week (for a couple of days and it did not return again) I m still taking rest and not started PE again, this time around I want to take it slowly. A week before was the last time I saw my morning wood, is it something bad?

Should I wait for some more time and wait for frequent morning woods or should I start again with low intensity?

I have another basic question,
I saw the Jelq video, when the jelqing is done should the penis be aligned horizontal to the ground or should I jelq it in the downward directions.

I m just 5 inches in length on a good day and I have a modest goal of 6 inches

Thanks for your response.

You already have your answer rama, just back down the days you PE…maybe experiment with 4 but alas I would start with 2 days on 1 off and work back up to 3 then maybe try 4.

Stronger Morning Woods are a sign of good PEing, or at least you would think so… if you are losing them I suggest you back down to your original 2 on 1 off.

Jelqing can be done either way, which ever feels more intense and effecitive is the way I would go. Downward in my case.

No worries you didn’t break your dick you just overtrained it, let it rest until things appear back to normal then proceed without so much haste… make those 2 or 3 days count then give it time to rest.

That’s about all I can do for you :)


Just curious: if 2 on/1 off gave you “significant gains”, why you raised frequency, rama? You know, we have this rule: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I suggest you to restart from the newbies routine. I think you have good chances to get 6”, but it will require about 1-2 years.


Will doing the PC exercise really help with better erections. I get a very intense erection some mornings when I wake that can last 10 mins or so but, sometime I find it difficult to get and maintain an erection at all. Any advice would be helpful.

Doing BC exercises, called Kegel’s, help getting better erections. I think it’s really hard overwork with Kegel’s, but theoretically it could happens. Your EQ issues are more likely a consequence of overdoing other PE exercises. I think it’s good to give a read to this, mrhorny:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!


Is it okay to do the PE having sex everyday (couple of times).

Do you recommend any oral supplements to help me with the routine.

Thanks for all the help, I m grateful to everyone.

Originally Posted by rama
Is it okay to do the PE having sex everyday (couple of times).

Yes, assuming that you can find the time to do your PE work :) .

Originally Posted by rama

Do you recommend any oral supplements to help me with the routine.

No. There aren’t supplements that could speed up your gains.

30% of men haven’t got a morning wood.. So it isn’t that bad but if you concern, just do the Kegel thing.

When I started PEing for the first time I used to get good morning wood, after a decon break of 2 weeks I just started 5 days back, I m not getting good morning wood. I do the kegels as a part of the newbie routine.will continue the newbie routine for a while and check if my morning wood returns..
I m not doing any stretches now, I m only jelqing, and plan on continuing it for a month..

Please let me know ur suggestions

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