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Problem Sleeping - due to PE?


David, you ask the most curious questions.

Lots of folks sleep on their tummies and they don’t drool. Lots of folks sleep on their backs, and they do drool. (Head turned sideways?)

Ever watch one of those films of a person sleeping during 7 - 8 hrs (speeded up)? Man we really move around during the night.

We have a rule in our bed. Move around all you like during the night, but no slugging.



Sometimes I end up on my stomach at least one time throughout the night. And I’m still trying to figure out how not to drool while on mah belly.


Anyways, no I do not drool.. and yeah I tilt my head sideways..
It’s just for going to sleep though.. I don’t think I stay that way all night or I’d have a strained neck hehe


P.S: Here goes another Thread-Hijack :)


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