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Problem jelquing

Problem jelquing

Dear all could you please assist.

I’m having trouble jelqing and stretching using a traction device due to the physiology of my penis. Three factors are combining to make it difficult to maintain commitment to the exercises and as such after a fortnight or so I give up. After a three month break I’ve decided to come back to it but not before some advice so here are the details.

My erect length is 5.5” with a girth of 4 to 4.5” as you can see my penis is right at the bottom of the ‘average’ range.

I have a very long foreskin such that there’s a lot of ‘give’ in it which makes getting proper grip whilst jelqing and stretching with the device very difficult and painful - alongside all of this I have a frenulum breve. My foreskin does retract fully but doesn’t freely remain retracted and the length of my foreskin causes quite a lot of ‘bunching’ behind the head which exacerbates the stretch/jelq issue.

I’ve tried both manual and device stretching and this has shown me another problem. I’m not sure of the proper acronym but when I stretch my totally flaccid penis as far as I can it stretches to 6.5” from an average hanging flaccid length of 3” My flaccid girth is 3.25” which further makes stretching very difficult as I can’t get a proper grip. When flaccid I have to stretch with my foreskin retracted (see above for details of that but when flaccid the foreskin is even more difficult) When attempting to stretch with the foreskin forward just pulls on the foreskin and the skin at the base of my penis and causes my penis to draw back into my body. When using the stretching device I have to pull the head cords so tightly to keep my penis in the device that it totally cuts of the blood supply to the penis.

So, there are the summary of my issues. Any advice from guys with similar issues would be greatly appreciated. I’m keen to make girth and length gains if I can this will be my fifth attempt at starting exercises

Many thanks

Have you tried doing aGoogle serch on frenulum breve.

There are a fair number of sites giving advice. but they all (apart from cutting it) suggest some form of stretching although it takes time.

Apperntly the FB doesn’t stretch but some have mentioned that pulling just the FB itself has given extra length.( But with a ‘non-stretch’ tissue even that will stretch with time.)

Using a moisturising cream might aid the process but apply it before , and wipe it dryisn before you try the stretching.

Also try a search (Top right hand side of page) use the ‘Advanved search wich will bring up the actual posts containing the words.

You might get some help there.

Good Luck!


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Do a google search for Tying the Frenulum, it’s a minor procedure doctors can do in their office which lengthens the frenulum as much as you want, I’m think of having it done but I’m not sure I need it.

You should go get it done and report back and tell me how it goes :D

Other people on this site have had it done and they were all very pleased with the results though none of them are around anymore so I have no one to ask about, I think.

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