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problem gaining

problem gaining

Curently i am 6 1/2” L 8” eg I have mostly been doing manual stretches and one strech where i hold the base holding back the skin of my base and pulling up underneath the gland above the head and i do 5 sets of those a day for 3 - 5 minutes a piece i do not do jelgging because i realy do not want anymore girth i look like a soda can enough as it is can someone help me with a pure length routine and tell me all steps i have to take while doing the excersices thanks alot


I too had this problem where I seemed to gain in girth easily although not in length.
Posted a thread on length gains, had some excellent feedback, ended up purchasing one of Bib`s hangers, and this is going well…..

Gettin Bigger

Okay, Sir8inch:

1) As far as length goes, have you considered hanging? Visit the hanger’s forum and read all you can. Bib hangers are out of production right now, but Bib says they’ll be back in production by next month (?).
Or, you can even make your own Bib. Use the search function to find threads on making your own.

Also, I’ve heard that pumpers, when happy with their girth, supposedly use thick walled cylinders to increase their length only. I’m brand new to pumping, having just received my equipment from Vacutech today, so I can’t vouch for that, but many pumpers have reported length gains. I know Vacutech sells thick walled cylinders.

2) You have 8 inches in girth? Am I reading that right? Good lord. What do the women say???? Have you had any problems with being too thick?

3)Read the forum guidelines on posting style before Thunder or a moderator chastises you.


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