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prob hanging

prob hanging

first of all: i use a bib, i used the hubbard before that.

i got that problem, that when i hang (the glans are surrounded by skin, cause i got lots of it) the skin blows up like a baloon, and then it starts to itch, and thats more horrible than any pain. i do the wrapping like seen in the instructionvideo of lil12’s.

did you encounter the same? how can i remove that?

well, thanks a lot for all of your help, i really feel better now :-/

i just want to know ho i can prevent the ballonlike skin infront of the hanger …….

I don’t have any experience with hanging, but I imagine that if you put one hand on your fat pad, pulling towards your pubic bone, and the other hand just behind your glans, and give that a gentle stretch outwards (both stretches being done at the same time) for a little while before putting on your hanger each time, then that would help to stretch out the excess skin and make things a little more even when you do put your hanger on.

Hope this helps in some way. Like I said, I have no experience with hanging, but what I said may nevertheless be of some use to you.


Shoot Willie, sorry no one replied to this.

Not sure I understand what’s happening.

I’d suggest you stretch your unit out by the head, wrap him tight, and then cinch the BIB up as tight. What do you use to wrap?

I know if I cannot get the BIB tight, it tends to ride down during my set, and by the end, it’s produced a donut effect. Sometimes I have to put take the BIB off, re-wrap, and try again, sometimes more than once. I know when I get it on properly, with no pinching and it really gripping the internals, I can hang heavy for as long as I want.

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