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Anyone performing PE techniques while in a marriage or living with their girlfriend?

My girlfriend is 110% satisfied with my size - I am the only person to give her an internal orgasm and the only person to give her multiples as well as orgasms every day (she had only had under 10 her whole life prior to me -she is 32).

My issue is that I want to perform my PE routine but she is literally here and with me 24/7 lol. I’m not complaining because I love her beyond words but I simply don’t have a half hour to do it alone.


Poor you. Got a girlfriend who cums over and over with you and you don’t have privacy to pull your ding-dong. Life’s a beach.

Seriously though just do some simple stretching and mild, semi soft jelqing while watching tv with her. Tell her that you read that these simple exercises help to ward off the need for ED pills when you get older & you wanna keep it working for her for a long time. I’ll wager that half the time it will lead to some action anyway. Just keep it kinda low key and no big deal.

Check out the Linear Routine, try to sneak in some of what’s there right in front of her before bed, while watching the news or a movie on the couch. Probably the best you can do given your circumstances.

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Welcome. :)

Many of us perform “stealth PE” thinking our partners don’t know about it. ;) The downside of hiding it is they might think you are up to something else and it could harm what sounds like a good relationship.

See what kind of routine you can squeeze in early morning, late at night, or while in the shower, etc. You might get more in then you think. Do what you can get away with throughout the day without being obvious and if you don’t start seeing gains after a few months (but you might!) you will have to decide if PE is something you really want to do and you may need to let your partner know what you are up to in order to give it the time you need to succeed.

Good luck.

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I agree with the others that you can probably accomplish more than you realize now if you think creatively.

I’m going to suggest including your partner in your PE plans. Some of us got really tired of hiding it and working around someone else’s schedule, hiding our equipment, etc, and “came-out”. If the time and mood are right consider telling her and enlisting her help in allowing you some privacy, or even getting involved. I realize not every relationship could accommodate this, but you may find, as I did, that it’s really a non- issue. Just as some of my wife’s routines are irrelevant to me, she may be totally good with yours. Good luck.

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OK, so your gf is “110% satisfied”, things are going fine for you penis-wise, but you’d just like a little more? I think you should be able to find something that works for you. You are probably never going to be able to follow the “add time not force/weight” adage as you get more into your routine unless you eventually decide to experiment with a stealth ADS (which is also going to depend somewhat on privacy, how much freedom you have to check on your member during the day, etc) if your GF is with you all the time.

Fully progress through the newbie routine (if you haven’t already), and don’t add too much too soon. You will at a minimum end up with a harder, veinier erection which your gf will feel. Hopefully, some newbie gains as well. If you have so little privacy that you can’t even manage time to do enough reps of the newbie routine a few days per week, I’m not sure what to tell you. I’m sort of in the same boat myself; I’d like to make a comeback, but I’m having to go stealth because of a houseful of kids and a wife who thinks I waste enough time as it is on other non-crucial activities.

If you can at least muster a minimal routine of stretching/jelqing and supplement with some form of ADS, traction wrapping, or whatever else some of our members have come up with for anti-turtleing, I think you would see some gains.

Good luck to you.



I have a reputation for reading on the potty, so my wife thinks nothing of me being in the bathroom for twenty minutes at a time.


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